STEAK by Melissa-Southaven, Mississippi

STEAK by Melissa crab cakes

STEAK by Melissa

4975 Pepper Chase Dr
Southaven, MS 38671
Phone: (662) 342-0602

Hours of Operation

Monday- Sunday 11:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Steak by Melissa is a casual restaurant local to Southaven, Mississippi. Though classified as casual, the atmosphere is peaceful and the food is top quality. The restaurant owner, Melissa Cookston is author of two best-selling cook books and World Champion Pitmaster. Some of the delicacies on STEAK’s menu come straight from Melissa’s cook books. Along with choice grade daily cut steaks, guests can look forward to fresh seafood and other signature dishes.

The surroundings inside STEAK are just as unique as their take on cuisine. For one, there was a large bull statue in the middle of the floor. To complement the statue, cow printed decorations lined the top section of the walls. Seating was simple wood tables, chairs, and padded booths. There were also wood floors, and an upstairs area that I can assume was for large or private parties.


The restaurant accepts limited reservation and welcomes walk-ins. Either arrangement was fine this night. The hostess seated guests immediately. It quiet and late enough not to have a heavy crowd. I could smell the aroma of the grill throughout the building.

The waitress cheerfully took drink orders and brought glasses of water. After ordering appetizers and entrées, she brought bread and butter. She was very polite, kept checking back, and brought refills several times. She also thanked the group for coming when it was time to leave.
STEAK by Melissa pin


The waitress started by bringing out a tray of bread to choose between their pretzel roll, sweet potato scone, and Mexican corn bread. Not being able to decide, she left a little of them all. The pretzel roll was firm and baked brown just like the common snack.
STEAK by Melissa mexican cornbread and sweet potato scone
The sweet potato scone was my absolute favorite of the three. It was subtly sweet and super soft and moist. The Mexican corn bread was baked golden and moist in the center. The flavor reminded me of dressing or corn pudding with a spice. All three of the breads went perfect with STEAK’s housemade butter.
STEAK by Melissa housemade butter
Next, I snacked on their crab cakes appetizer. The waitress delivered them quickly and the food came almost immediately afterward. The crab cakes were so soft that I had to carefully move them to my plate to avoid them breaking apart. The dish was packed with crabmeat more highly seasoned than I’m used to for a crab cake. Still, it had a good mix of flavor and spices.
STEAK by Melissa crab cakes

More than STEAK by Melissa

The sesame salmon with sautéed veggies and Yukon mashers was the last part of my meal for the night. When I ordered the salmon, she said it was one of her favorite meals at the restaurant. The salmon was well seasoned and had a nice grilled flavor.
STEAK by Melissa sesame salmon
The portion of food was generous, especially the potatoes. They were chunky and buttery. The sautéed veggies were well seasoned and not overdone. They still had crisp to them, and were a little more than blanched which was perfect. It was a good mix of broccoli, carrots, bell pepper, and onions. Everything on the dish went well together.

Overall Experience at STEAK by Melissa

I had a positive dining experience. The service was great from the hostess and waitresses. They hit the mark with most of the food, and it was all fresh. STEAK by Melissa gets my recommendation.

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