South Florida Adventures: Pompano Beach

pompano beach

Pompano Beach is a city North of Ft. Lauderdale at the center of Palm Beach and Miami. Miami is one of the most talked about U.S. cities. It’s also the most popular in South Florida, but there are several surrounding cities and towns that travelers should pay attention to. One of those eye-catching destinations is Pompano Beach.

What’s near the beach?

Like many of the cities that have been blessed with the ocean, it adds more to the fun. Activities include boating, fishing and admiring the coral reef among other water sports and adventures. It’s similar to The Gulf in that boat parades, seafood festivals, and fishing rodeos are familiar to this area too.

Pompano beach is ideal for visitors with their many levels of dining, lodging, and attractions. Restaurants and shops, resorts, beach houses, and hotels are as close as you can get to the beach.

Yoga On The Beach

Wellness is important to Pompano Beach residents too. During our visit, we saw groups meeting to do yoga in a grassy area directly in front of the beach. They appeared to be enjoying themselves, and their excitement was contagious. We were tempted to join the fun.

What’s most notable about Pompano Beach?

The entire area was peaceful and friendly. It felt safe and fun to casually walk around and discover. The area had that same aura all beach towns have. You know, the one where it seems like no one has a watch or clock and no one cares. The one that’s the complete opposite of New York City where they’ll run you over with their car or body (Sorry NYC. We still love you!).

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Of course the beach was most memorable, as it should be when the town has it in its name. The beach water was beautiful. This is one of the fortunate places to have that clear, blue we all crave for eye candy.
Pompano Beach-Florida
Even the sand was nice and smooth. It was clean, and not trashy or rocky. The grass was perfectly green and that area was clean and clear also. The town took care of their beach.

Have you had a chance to visit South Florida? What’s your favorite city besides our beloved Miami?


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