Satori Coffee House: Drinks, Snacks, and Entertainment

satori coffee house bar

Satori Coffee House

5460 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone: 251-344-4575

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday 7:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM

Sunday Closed



Lounge Area

Poetry Reading

Satori Coffee House is a locally owned beverage and hang out spot. They serve a variety of hot and cold drinks and a selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Adult beverages like import and domestic beers, liquors and wines are also on Satori’s menu.

It was easy to make yourself right at home hanging out at Satori. Not only did it look like a house, but it felt like the combination of a dining room and den. There were several options to sit around and enjoy food and drinks. You could hang out on the porch, or inside at the chair and table.
Satori Cofee House
There was also an area to take a seat at the bar and watch TV or lounge on any one of their sofas throughout the building. It was all comfort and peace with a little of their own style and flavor. Oldies played low in the background and the walls were covered with art, vintage keepsakes, and flyers from events happening around the city of Mobile.

satori coffee house seating

Staff and Service

The staff was excellent. The guy behind the counter was talkative and had a friendly attitude. They also got the orders out quickly. There were so many food and drink options to choose from and all of them sounded delicious. We hung out for a while, enjoyed our food, and observed the surroundings. The coffee house was neat for the most part, and the kitchen and food prep area was well cared for. The one occupant, unisex bathroom was decent, but the soap dispenser was filled with watered down, old soap.
satori coffee house sofa

Dining and Snacking at the Coffee House

I finally narrowed my order own to the breakfast croissant with eggs, cheddar, and tomato. To drink, I had the steamer, warm milk with flavored syrup of your choice. I went with with soy milk and vanilla. Both the croissant and steamer hit the spot. The order was hot and came out fast. The cheddar on the breakfast croissant was sharp enough to give it some added flavor. The drink stayed warm to the last drop.
satori coffee house croissant

Overall Experience at Satori Coffee House

It was a great day at Satori from having a great brunch, learning about some events, and being in a peaceful environment. They get our stamp of approval.


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