The Pillars of Mobile: Southern Event Venue

the Pillars of Mobile downstairs room

The Pillars of Mobile

1757 Government St
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone: 251-307-5382
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The Pillars of Mobile is “a unique event space located in Historic Mobile, Alabama”. Their own words describes the venue perfectly. Now I’ll give it my best shot at summing up what the business is all about and how they stand out. Recently, I had a chance to meet with owner, Heather Pfefferkorn to take a tour and learn about the history of this vintage building and what she has in store for it.

Heather’s warm spirit matches the warm ambiance of the event space. I’m certain it will be a pleasure working with her to put together perfect events. She prides herself on Southern hospitality and entertainment.

The Pilllars of Mobile Event Venue Tour

The Pillars of Mobile’s History and Transition

If you’re around my age or older (I’ll never tell), you remember The Pillars as a fine dining establishment. It transitioned from restaurant to event venue when Heather bought and reopened it in April 2015. Though she’s added several notable details that have complimented the space nicely, she kept many of the original foundations.

The Bienville tile and beautiful original stained glass windows are some of what she kept. It gives hints about the building’s history and makes it different from any other event space in the city.

The Tour

Photos taken with Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

Entering into the building, I stepped onto the large wide porch/patio area, which is where she told me many guests enjoy outside activities. The first room inside has a bar and reception area with a wide open space and a baby grand piano. There were about four other rooms on the bottom level.

Each room has a different designed chandelier, tile, furnishings, and windows. The large windows give extra natural lighting. Each room has generous amounts of space and seating. One room on the bottom floor that Heather showed was the original kitchen when The Pillars was first built. Now, they have a larger full kitchen for whatever catering service you use. Yes, you can use your own catering service!

Even though guests have the entire house, most people, use the bottom for their event and the top as an area to dress and prepare. That setup works especially well for weddings. For the guys (and gals) who can’t live without your favorite sports event, the top floor has a cool den area with sofas and a television

The bridal room was set up nicely for the Christmas season. They had just had a holiday event where kids took pictures with Santa! The fireplace and seating makes this the perfect room for the bridal party to feel comfortable before the big event.

The last room Heather showed me was their conference room that was also a small market. Different crafts and merchandise from a few vendors lined the walls. It was those little last minute items and gifts that a bride or her party could use.

Events Held at The Pillars

The Pillars of Mobile is the perfect place for a wide range of events, and Heather has customized solutions and resources to help with the planning. The venue has been booked for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, showers, and commitment ceremonies. Other events they’ve held are birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, fundraisers, board meetings, cocktail parties, awards banquets, retirement parties, holiday parties, training seminars, trade shows and more.

They’ve even been hosting events of their own, and plan to add more in the New Year. Chapel is a package they offer Tuesdays and Thursdays where guests can come have a small, private marriage ceremony. They’ve also hosted dinner events where the cook gives step-by-step details for preparing the dish. One of their most popular events thus far is The Market at the Pillars.

The Market at The Pillars

Market at the Pillars has developed into a major event accommodating 100 vendors and around 600 visitors. The event offers space for pop-up shops and those with their own merchandise and handmade crafts. It’s another way to support local businesses. There are food, drinks, clothing, handmade crafts, and the bar serves drinks. The fun continues outside on the lawn with activities going on during the market. As an added way to give back to the community, Market at the Pillars features a charity at each of these events.

If you’re ever in the City of Mobile, definitely stop by. Here are the upcoming dates in 2017 for The Market at the Pillars:

Every 2nd Sunday of the month. *Except for May

12-4 PM Rain or Shine

  • February 12
  • March 12
  • April 9
  • *May 7
  • June 11
  • July 9
  • September 10
  • October 8
  • November 12
  • December 10

Learn more about The Pillars of Mobile, The Market at The Pillars, and get booking information on Facebook.


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