Moonpie Kitchen Downtown Mobile in Moonpie General Store

Moonpie Kitchen dining area

Moonpie General Store

107 Saint Francis St
Unit 115
Mobile, AL 36602
Phone: (251) 208-2000?
Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 7:00AM -6:00PM Friday 7:00AM-6:00PM Sunday CLOSED

Moonpie Kitchen is a small, casual restaurant inside the Moonpie General Store in Mobile, AL. The exact location is on the bottom floor of the Trustmark Building on Royal and Saint Francis Street. The store has locations in Chattanooga, Charleston, SC, Pigeon Forge, and Lynchburg. It’s one of about 25 new restaurants coming to the Mobile, Alabama portion of the Gulf Coast. The Taste Team’s delighted to see the expansions and have more Taste Tests to add to the list.
moonpie general store sign
The medium sized store has shelves and counters arranged with toys, trinkets, candy, souvenirs, and moonpies of course. They also have an interesting selection of bottled sodas like Bacon Soda, Buffalo Wings Soda, Key Lime Pie and Apple Pie Sodas.

Moonpie Kitchen is casual, diner style and very neatly arranged. There’s a section with hand dipped ice cream and gourmet candies. Guest can also get other Moonpie themed specialty desserts like Moonpie shakes and Moonpie banana pudding.

The other section is where guests can place food orders. Moonpie Kitchen serves breakfast, and they also have lunch until 2:00 PM. There are a few tables sectioned in two different places, and a small bar area with about 5 stools. The limited seating fills up fast during the lunch rush.


Everyone we came across in the building was friendly in the midst of being busy. Several staff members spoke and asked if everything was going well. The young lady behind the counter taking our order was quick and knowledagble. Everyone did their best to accommodate our requests. It was a fun-loving atmosphere and we felt comfortable during our visit.

Moonpie Kitchen mobile pin

Dining at Moonpie Kitchen

The kitchen serves a variety of American cuisine with snacks and appetizers, wings, sandwiches, and burgers. It’s the perfect menu for a casual lunch.

See Moonpie Kitchen’s Menu

We munched on the fried wings with ranch, honey mustard dipping sauce and fries on the side. We also had a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat with cheddar cheese and a side of fries, and nachos with cheese and jalapeños. The staff delivered our food hot and fresh. The wings were crispy and well seasoned, the sandwich was grilled well, and the nachos were simple and delicious. Even in the casual restaurant with fairly quick bites, Moonpie Kitchen served good quality food.

Overall Experience at Moonpie Kitchen

We love the concept and appreciated the change of scenery. Moonpie General Store and Moonpie Kitchen are in the perfect place for all the action during Mardi Gras season. We’re sure they’ll catch the attention of frequent visitors downtown. We enjoyed our meals and the friendly service. Next time, we’ll be trying their special desserts and quirky bottled sodas.



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