Making A Travel Vision Board to Reach Your Goals

A few weeks ago, I discussed Travel Bucket Lists and the importance of planning out travel goals instead of just writing a resolution to travel. If you missed it, check it out and download our guide to
make your own Travel Bucket List
. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to include a timeline and financial plan to keep your travel goals in tact. One component that goes well with making your bucket list is to have Travel Vision Board.

A vision board is a great technique that’s helped me with goal accomplishment in other areas. Like with any Vision Board, there are no specific rules or guidelines to follow. The purpose is to have a clear vision of the goals you’ve set for yourself. In this case it would be a clear vision of your travel goals. The board would concentrate on where you want to go and what you want to do. You can even include some positive words to keep you motivated during the process of reaching your travel goals.
Travel Vision Board dream quote

Ideas for Your Travel Vision Board

I made a Travel Vision Board of my own to show some of the goals that I have for this year. It’s a simple board, but you can make yours however you like. This one is a little more organized to show the places I want to go this year in the U.S. and abroad. I also included some travel quotes to keep things in perspective. Some are motivating, some peaceful, and some remind me of the reasons I love traveling so much. I didn’t add any food, which is one of the things that I look forward to while traveling, but I have some room to add more later.

I narrowed my board to five cities that I want to visit in the U.S. and five International places that I want to travel to. This should be enough for just this year. As I cross the places I’ve visited off list, I’ll add more next year. This is a good way to stay focused and not get too overwhelmed with so many goals.

Travel Vision Board Tutorial

More Details To Add To Your Travel Vision Board

If you want to take your travel board even further with visuals, here are more items to think about adding to your board:

  • Food or restaurants you want to try
  • Hotels, Hostels, or B&B’s you want to stay in
  • Attractions you want to visit (beaches, parks, museums, amusements, historic artifacts, etc.)
  • Events you want to attend

What To Do With Your Board Once Completed

As I advised before in the Travel Bucket List post, include the vision board. Attach your bucket list to the vision board and add photos that represent the goals on your list. That way you have the goals written, the timeline mapped out, the financial plan in place, and the visual perspective in front of you. Place the vision board on the wall of your bedroom, office, or a place you visit daily. Take a photo of it and save it as your desktop screensaver or phone wallpaper.

Take a look at the quick video above for some insight on how Travel Vision Boards help you stick to your plans? Have you ever used a vision board for travel? Talk about how it has helped you with you travel planning.

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