Gulf Coast Wing House Midtown Mobile AL

gulf coast wing house wings and onion rings

Formerly known as Ollie’s in Midtown, Gulf Coast Wing House joins the overflow of wing spots and sports bars who duke it out for the best wing title. They have the right ideas in mind and didn’t half do anything with televisions galore, sports memorabilia, and a nice bar. It’s an awesome setup for fight night or to take a break from the “Man Cave”.
Gulf Coast Wing House Midtown Mobile, AL


It was interesting to see that waiters seemed to be in competition for tables. It sort of reminded us of a car lot experience where all of the salesman are lined up waiting for the next customer to arrive. One thing’s certain, no guest went without a friendly greeting or quick seating and attention. Our waiter had a great attitude and we couldn’t tell he was new until he told us. He knew the menu well enough to give us his suggestions and brought us sauce samples to try. He also checked back often.


We had the Stanley Cup, 12-piece shrimp tossed in boom boom sauce with a side of ranch for dipping, and we added a side of fries. The boom boom sauce was delicious, even better than the similar bang bang sauce at the other restaurant. Probably because the sweet chili outweighed the hot chili flavor. We also tried the six piece bone in wings tossed in sweet chili sauce with fries and onion rings. The food was delivered fresh and hot without a long wait. We were pleased with the portion size and temperature of the food. Everything was seasoned to perfection, not bland and not too salty. Even though the fries were hot and fresh, some of them looked short like the bottom of the barrel.

Overall Experience At Gulf Coast Wing House

The manager invited feedback about our dining experience and was very open to suggestions. We enjoyed the fresh, piping hot, well seasoned food. The service was also up to par. We enjoyed our dining experience, but you won’t know until you try Gulf Coast Wing House for yourself.

If you’ve tried Gulf Coast Wing House, let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Gulf Coast Wing House

1850 Airport Blvd
Mobile, AL 36606
Phone: (251) 471-5520

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sun 11:00 am - 11:00 pm


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