Gulf Coast Ducks Tour-The Taste Team’s Big Splash

Gulf Coast Ducks Tour

2703 Battleship Parkway 
Mobile, AL 36603
Phone: 251-802-8687

Gulf Coast Ducks Tour is an interactive tour experience incorporating land and water while showcasing Mobile River, Downtown Mobile, Mobile Bay, and Battleship Park. The Duck Boat drivers and the hosts keep guests on their toes with adrenaline rush splashes and quirky, fun facts and riddles. Besides trying to guess answers to the impossible riddles, guests can be a part of the fun by using their “Quackers” to make noise during the tour.

The duck tour starts at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and comes full circle around downtown Mobile, Alabama. Visitors and city natives have found the tour to be a fun-filled and memorable learning experience.

Safety First

Life jackets were a must during the tour. The Duck Boat was also equipped with cameras all around it to monitor every area of the boat and ensure the safety of passengers. They also had a few rules, but not too many. Just enough to make the tour a fun experience and not a scary one.
Gulf Coast Ducks Tour Mobile, AL

About The Gulf Coast Ducks Tour

The tour began on land at USS Battleship Memorial Park with the guide, Darcy, providing some historical information about the Coast Guard Albatross aircraft, Battleship Inn Resort, and other landmarks near the exit of the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.The Coast Guard Albatross is an amphibious vehicle just like the Duck Boat and can go on land and water in addition to air.

Darcy then took this as an opportunity to introduce the captain as “Crazy Day”, and warned us that we might go airborne on our way into the river. She also gave us info on the origin of the Duck(DUKW) Boats, which didn’t start off as vehicles for tourists.

Photos and video taken with Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

Not before getting some facts about commerce in Mobile, we splashed into the Mobile River after a 5-second countdown. We learned all about old and new attractions in the city and the new annual tradition of an outdoor ice skating rink in 70 degree weather. We also got a few details on an upcoming project Mobile and one that recently launched.

That Settles It…

Darcy was awesome with her quirky sense of humor and the excitement in her voice, especially when she talked about Mardi Gras. She settled the Great Debate on who started Mardi Gras. We’ll give you a hint…it wasn’t New Orleans. If Darcy said it, we believe it.

One last trick up their sleeves

They even let us take the Duck Boat for a spin. After a few splashes, some interesting waves, and lots of laughs, they asked us to take the wheel. We received several compliments on the great job driving the Duck Boat.
That’s a sampling of everything packed into this 70-minute tour. You’ll have to go see it for yourself. Right now, you can catch the holiday edition.

In the meantime, here’s a little highlight of what to look forward to when it’s your turn. You can also judge our driving skills for yourself. We heard they’re Captain worthy!


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