G’s Bakery & Cafe-Midtown Mobile

G's Bakery Pastry window

G's Bakery & Cafe

1714 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone: 251-406-5438

Hours of Operation

Everyday from 6:00 AM- 6:00 PM


Outside Sidewalk Seating

G’s Bakery is a local shop serving fresh, handmade breads, bagels, and pastries, and breakfast and lunch items. The cafe makes everything “from scratch in the Artisan tradition using only the best ingredients”. Along with the fresh made treats and bites to eat, the bakery offers hot beverages and a warm, cozy setting to enjoy it all. You can find G’s Bakery on Dauphin Street directly across from Via Health Center.
G's Bakery sign and sidewalk seating
The glass displayed a few cakes, pies and petite fours to glare at and make decisions even tougher. Some of the other items on the menu are Quiche, soup, sandwiches and other lunch selections. G’s also joins various other spots in Mobile who serve Sunday Brunch.
G's Bakery glass display
They have a few simple tables and chairs with photos of bread making and a bakery on the wall. You can tell their theme and focus is bread. Music played lightly in the background. It was a nice mellow atmosphere.
G's Bakery inside seating


The staff was extremely cheery and polite, and it wasn’t just holiday cheer. They were very attentive to everyone in the building. As I glared at their treats sitting behind the glass, she asked what she could get for me. After taking a moment to carefully decide, I went with the apple monkey bread. I inquired about their hot chocolate, but she said they’re still working their magic on their gourmet version of the hot chocolate. I’ll be sure to return for that.

G’s Bakery Apple Monkey Bread

G's Bakery Apple Monkey Bread Mobile, AL

The monkey bread was a thick pasty, filled with apples and cinnamon, and drizzled with icing. She offered to either bag or warm my monkey bread. I decided to have it warmed and stick around to eat it. The warm apple monkey bread smelled delicious. From the aroma, I could taste it before I even placed it in my mouth. The warm apples had just the right hint of cinnamon, and the right amount of sweetness.

Overall Experience at G’s Bakery

Service was A+ from all the staff in the bakery, and I appreciated that. I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere inside the bakery while enjoying my pastry. The apple monkey bread was also delicious. G’s Bakery is a nice central area to have a small meeting or catch up with friends.

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