Eating your way around Central America

Guest Post by Portia Jones of Pip and the City

Eating your way through Central America- Cassado

Central American cuisine rarely gets the love it deserves. Whilst Instagram is full of sushi snaps, Asian street treats and fancy French food, you rarely spot anyone raving about the food from this particular region. Having recently backpacked around Central America, I found that whilst there isn’t a huge variation of dishes, given they nearly always consist of tortillas, rice, sour cream and fried meat, you can actually seek out some real foodie treats. Here’s a roundup of some of the best dishes and drinks I tried on my travels around Central America.
Eating your way Around Central America

Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast

Eating your way around Central America: Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast
Forget your English fry up. This breakfast is an unusual but delightful and colourful combination of kidney beans, egg, tortillas and plantain. Prepare to eat a lot of plantain in Central America, it will be added to everything. This hearty breakfast will set you up for your day of exploring good and proper like.


Eating your way around Central America: Baledas
Baleadas is a local Honduran dish, if you can speak a bit of rudimentary Spanish, you can create your own weird and wonderful combination of meat, egg, beans, hot sauce and pickled vegetables inside a soft corn tortilla. It can be eaten anytime of the day and is often super cheap, making it a go-to staple of travelling.
Eating your way through Central America- Casado
This is essentially a Costa Rican ‘plate of the day’, often you can choose your own elements. In some cases, it’s very much a ‘have what you are given’. Typically, this dish includes meat, rice, a selection of vegetables, tortilla, beans and of course, plantain. A very filling and low cost meal, it can be found in most restaurants, cafes and bars across Costa Rica.


Eating your way around Central America: Chilliguaro
Costa Rica’s famous spicy shot is a Chiliguaro, this fiery little number involves mixing Cacique Guaro liquor to tomato juice, tabasco and citrus juice. This signature drink is guaranteed to give you a proper spice kick to your senses with it’s hot and distinctive flavour.

Tortilla Soup

Eating your way around Central America: Tortilla Soup
Possibly the best soup I have ever tasted. This soup combines smoky spicy flavours of chipotle and chilli with Mexican melting cheese, crunch tortilla strips, avocado and topped with cooling sour cream. It is a heavenly combination of flavours and warms the soul of any weary backpacker. I highly recommend you give this gorgeous soup a whirl.


Eating your way around Central America: Tacos
Each Central American country has their own variation of this famous food and you can have lots of foodie fun sampling tacos from each region. I personally enjoy a Nicaraguan taco; a deep fried, crunchy taco stuffed with shredded meat and smothered in cabbage and sour cream.
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  1. They look really good! Amazing list, and great photos. I love Tortilla soup, that’s one thing I order often when I go to Mexican restaurants.



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