Cream and Sugar Cafè Mobile, AL

Cream and Sugar Cafè is a sweet little spot connected to Kitchen on George in the Oakleigh community of Midtown Mobile, Alabama. Their variety of breakfast and lunch options, tasty treats, and drinks put a twist on the ordinary and their reputation preceded them.

The building had a vintage, historic appearance. It was a cozy space, but that had plenty of seating inside and out. They kept a consistent in and out crowd, so it was a busy establishment but still fairly quiet.


The staff was super friendly and the person behind the counter was helpful in letting us know what was included in our menu choices. He also told us which of their famous cake balls were his favorites. We felt comfortable and well taken care of during our time at Cream and Sugar.
Cream and Sugar Café Mobile, AL Gumbo and Cake Balls

The Taste Test at Cream and Sugar Cafè

Traditionally we’re used to eating rice with our gumbo, so the bowl of seafood gumbo with cheese grits was a new experience. The gumbo came loaded with shrimp, crab, okra, tomato, bell pepper, and onions over a bed of cheese grits.

It turned out to be an excellent choice as it was well seasoned with just a mild spice. The portion of seafood was satisfying, especially the crab. As for the cheese grits in the gumbo, it gave the dish a pleasantly unique flavor and was very filling.

The Caprese sandwich with Mozzarella, tomato, spinach, and basil was pretty simple and tasted okay. It could have used a tad more basil for flavor. A pickle spear and original lays accompanied the sandwich.

The much anticipated cake balls had the same concept as Bon-Bons or cake pops without the sticks. They were sweet treats with a ball of cake in the center, a candy/frosting shell, drizzle, and sprinkles. We tried a few flavors of the cake balls:

Strawberry Shortcake– Had a decent flavor, but the Strawberry cake was a little plain and subtle. The cake was dipped in a sweet frosting shell with white drizzle and pink sprinkles on top.
Lemon Curd– the consistency was similar to pound cake with a lemon flavored frosting shell, white drizzle and yellow sprinkles. This one was the favorite out of each one we tried.
Key Lime-Lime cake and key lime flavored shell with white drizzle and green sprinkles. The cake seemed to be too moist and slightly doughy or undercooked. The frosting made us feel like we were eating a slice of key lime pie.
Salted Caramel-The perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Overall Experience at Cream and Sugar Cafè

Cream and Sugar Café had peaceful surroundings and great service. We enjoyed our meals, and the overall dining experience. Try it for yourself and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Cream and Sugar Cafè

351 George St.
Mobile, AL 36604
Phone: 251-405-0003

Hours of Operation

Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM-6:00 PM


Courtyard Seating


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