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I’m excited to be a part of The Taste Team.  It is a privilege to share an amazing country full of diversity via this medium. We will share with you the lovely India, so it’s our exploring journey full of wanderlust!

But today I bring in with me the warmth of best wishes from India.  We all are wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The History of Christmas in India

Christians form the minority here and are only 2.3% of the population. However, the fact that there are only about 25 million Christians in India in no way lessens the observance of the festival. Moreover, the occasion is celebrated not only by Christians. People of other religions celebrate Christmas as well, we all love to join in the cheer and joy.

The lovely festival of Christmas reflects the cultural unity of India. On this auspicious occasion, the whole nation comes together and celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.  I strongly believe this cultural unity sets an excellent example of brotherhood and humanism.

It was the British and European invaders who brought Christianity into India. Now it has become an integral part of the country. The doctrines and philosophy of Christianity have attracted people of many sections. Hence, our country has a large population of the Christian community at present.

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Christmas Festivals and Traditions in India

On the occasion of Christmas, a few people in India have decided to decorate the banana or mango trees instead of the traditional pine tree. They also light up their homes through small clay lamps or candles, just as Hindus do during the celebration of Diwali.

When it comes to churches found across India, they decorate with poinsettia flowers for the midnight mass. As a part of the celebration, people exchange gifts on this auspicious day and donate money to poor people to bring happiness in their lives.  South India has a part of the large population of Christians and hence, it witnesses the wide celebrations of Christmas.

When it comes to our most visited place during Christmas, it is undoubtedly Goa. People from India, and from all over the world, come to celebrate Christmas.  Goa during Christmas is certainly a great destination to join and enjoy the festival. The festival starts from midnight masses to sumptuous dinner by the beach, and sitting back to watch fireworks lighting up the midnight sky on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Isn’t it lovely?
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Also, check out the video, Christmas Greetings From India above.

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