Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship: The Fun Ship Review

carnival breeze cruise ship

The Taste Team finally taste tested Carnival Breeze Cruise ship! See a video of our experience here. For more details, read on below.


Carnival Breeze Stateroom1

Our stateroom cabins had just enough room for the two twin beds, and the accompanying furnishings (2 nightstands, dresser w/mirror, and chest of drawers). It’s about half the size of an average sized bedroom. It also had a small TV and mini fridge.

The bathroom was literally the size of a portable restroom with a little more room for the small shower. The room was just enough for what we used it for; getting rested and refreshed. We spent the least time of all in our rooms.

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Sanitation is very important on cruises, and the Carnival Breeze staff made sure that all areas of the ship were clean throughout each day. Housekeeping cleaned the rooms at least twice daily, and kept the bathrooms fully stocked with necessary supplies.

The staff was available 10 to 12 to straighten chairs and clean up trash where many people hung out on decks. We would even see them at 1 or 2 am spraying down the area and cleaning the pool.

Carnival Breeze Atmosphere

Carnival Breeze Lido Deck2 The ship had several different ambiances throughout. NCarnival is called the fun ship, so that’s one indication of what it’s like. The Lido deck was like a party during the day and sometimes at night. The spa and adult areas were quiet and relaxed.

There were even hammocks and loungers to lounge and sleep. Many of the shows were energetic and grasped the crowd’s attention. We can’t think of any area of the ship that wasn’t either pleasant or fun.


Over the course of six days, we had many encounters with different levels of the staff. All of them took pride in their positions and did their best to make sure that each of us had an enjoyable time aboard.

They gave good directions, provided fast service, and kept everything in order and on schedule. The level of service exceeded expectations.


Carnival Breeze Blue Iguana Cantina Burrito During our visit, we dined at many different locations: Sapphire, Lido Marketplace, Pizza Pirate, Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina, Punchliner Comedy Brunch, Plaza Cafè, room service, and so many more. The one major area where Carnival Breeze looses points is with the food.

The Lido Marketplace was buffet style dining, and provided the most chance of choosing something to be satisfied with, but most of it was only fair. The Sapphire dining was more of a fine dining experience that had two cruise elegant nights to dress your best.

Their food was hits and misses. Some nights the food was good and a decent portion, while other nights it was bland and under portioned. A lot of the food at the different restaurants seemed to be the same.

Inside Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship room service was available 24 hours, but it took forever to get through to take an order and forever to receive it. It wasn’t worth the wait.

The best food that we experienced on the ship was the burritos and tacos from Blue Iguana Cantina on Deck 10. You could select from a wide range of toppings and make your burrito as large or small as you wanted. The salad bar at Ocean Plaza was also very tasty.

Things to do on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze Hasbrow Game Show2 Carnival Breeze had endless activities that could satisfy most anyone. They had multiple varieties of food. They also had food, food, and did I mention food? Bars, lounges, and clubs were in several different areas, and some tucked away spots.

They had huge board games, obstacle games, and simple games like corn hole, miniature golf, pool, ping-pong, football, table hockey, and more. Speaking of games, they also had a live game show, trivia games, and if that’s not enough, the ship had a full service casino.

There was shopping, a spa, fitness areas and classes, pools and hot tubs in several different areas, a water slide, and many different areas just to lounge and relax. Your day could be as full or empty as you desired it to be.

The spa area seemed small, but they did provide good service. Their services were pricey compared to a spa on land or at ports. Carnival Breeze provided a free fitness area at the very top of the ship with a track, basketball court, and exercise equipment. The fitness classes had additional charges.

Carnival Breeze Water ParkThe ship was able to accommodate all types of families, both young and old. Hasbrow the Game Show selected children and adults to participate on stage, the children also enjoyed the water slide and games. Outside of that, they even had a day camp for

Our cruise was worth it to relax on a fun ship with plenty to do and no cell phones ringing off the hook to interrupt. The stops at ports in Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Nassau, The Bahamas gave us a taste of the areas to have an idea of what to look forward to if we cared to revisit.

To Sum Up Our Carnival Breeze Experience

Even though we didn’t care for the food, it was bearable, and we were able to get some good food at ports. The experience in all the other areas outweighed our experience with the food, and made the cruise well worth it.

We’re looking forward to cruising again on Carnival Breeze and their other ships, and we’re already planning our next adventure!

Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

3655 NW 87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Phone: 1-800-764-7419



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