Café Eclectic Midtown Memphis: Not Just Another Coffee House

café eclectic midtown

Café Eclectic Midtown

603 N McClean Blvd
Memphis, TN 38107
Phone: 901-725-1718

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday 7:00 AM-9:00 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM


Patio Seating

Café Eclectic is much more than a coffee house. I took a few hours to enjoy the Midtown shop, one of their three locations exclusive to Memphis. The café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pastries, and an assortment of coffees and hot beverages. Another plus is they their menu made of local, organic foods.

Spacious With A Pleasant Atmosphere

I wasn’t expecting such a large space. From the description and how cozy it looked from the outside, I was surprised at how roomy it was. There was a large sit down area, patio seating, and a bar. It looked like more of a combination between a restaurant and coffee house.

I had just a second or two to gaze at the pastries and menu before a host came to greet me. He asked if I was dining in or taking out. Of course, I wanted the full experience so I sat in. Colorful collections of art lined the walls and added even more character to the shabby chic establishment.

Their mix of music was good, but so sporadic. It was on the pop/rock side and included a few of John Mayor’s breakup songs followed by upbeat happy music. It was enough to make a person go from sobbing to chair dancing in a matter of minutes.
café eclectic midtown memphis pin
My waiter greeted me energetically! With a smile on his face, he talked about how he was running and busy handling all the tables by himself, but he was doing great. His uber mood even elevated mine. He stepped away to let me look over the menu.

Food at Café Eclectic

Café Eclectic’s delicious menu options made it hard to choose. I ended up going with the black bean melt. This cheesy dish had caramelized onions, melted provolone cheese, and a black bean patty on housemade toasted ciabatta bread with spicy mayo.
café eclectic black bean melt
Before I added the seasonal veggies to my order, my waiter talked about how great their mac-n-cheese was. I had to try it for myself. Besides, I got my veggies from the burger. That counts right?

All the food was piping hot even after waiting a few moments to dig in. The mac-n-cheese was fine, but the burger took the spotlight of this meal. The ciabatta bread was toasted perfectly golden.

I normally reserve my spicy mayo for sushi, but the sauce gave my burger a different flavor. I didn’t even need my go to barbecue sauce. There was cheese oozing from every angle too. Needless to say I enjoyed every bite and let my plate empty.

Overall Experience at Café Eclectic

The food was filling and flavorful. My waitress’s energy was contagious. I had a pleasant experience at Café Electic. Until next time, I’ll look to trying their breakfast and drinks.


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