Arena Sports Bar and Grill at Game Time Miami

arena sports bar at game time spinach dip

Arena Sports Bar and Grill is a restaurant and bar inside Game Time Family Entertainment Center at The Shops at Sunset Place. The entertainment center has a bar, restaurant, and arcade that you can read more about in our review of Game Time. We stopped in for a bite to eat during some down time at the mall. It was high energy bar that was crowded on the weekend of a big fight they were airing.


The waitress was awesome the entire time during our dining experience. She was polite, helpful with our selections, and she checked back often. Without her great service and concern, our visit probably wouldn’t have gone as well.
Aren Sports Bar and Grill at Game Time Miami, FL

Food Was Hit and Miss

We started with the artichoke dip, which was very colorful. It had good flavor with cheese on the chips and in the dip. Our quesadillas were okay, but could’ve probably used some salsa. The sweet potato fries were good as usual. It’s hard to mess those up. The wings were pretty good, but some of the wings were overcooked and some were not thoroughly cooked.

It seemed as if the flow of the restaurant/kitchen was imbalanced. Maybe they couldn’t keep up with the orders coming and going. The temperature of the food wasn’t that great, and it didn’t stay warm for long.

Overall Thoughts on Arena Sports Bar and Grill

Overall, our dining experience was okay. Some parts of it were rocky with the food and drinks. The server made everything better, and Arena Sports Bar and Grill is still a place in Miami that we would visit again on a regular, less crowded day.

Arena Sports Bar and Grill

5701 Sunset Drive
Suite 330
Miami, FL 33143
Phone: +1 (305) 667-4263

Hour of Operation

Monday-Wednesday: 11am-11pm

Thursday: 11am-12am

Friday and Saturday: 11am-2am

Sunday: 11am-11pm