Peg Leg Porker: Nashville’s Best BBQ Joint in the Gulch

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There’s no way you’re getting your britches to Tennessee and not pickin’ up a good ol’ plate of barbeque. Traveling across Tennessee you are bound to hit the different hot spots for barbeque, but since Nashville is popular for its music scene, tourism, and food, you’re not gonna have a hard time finding the right place: Peg Leg Porker!

About The Gulch of Nashville

What’s a good way to end desert at Five Daughter’s Bakery? By getting dinner at Peg Leg Porker! Peg Leg Porker can be found in the Gulch of Nashville, so this means you’re not smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Broadway Avenue. The scene is the classic southern casual of a brick facade and an interior plastered with posters, neon signs, and solid tunes. It’s not just the initial visual shock but also the aroma of endless dry rub that makes a guest look forward to real Tennessee BBQ.

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Since the atmosphere is laid back, there is no need for reservations as you just get to hop on in line and get to ordering. Of course, during the peak times the line can be a bit long and take a while to order, but the staff tries the best to get each customer their food as fast and fresh as humanly possible.  There’s no way you can miss the “ORDER HERE” sign with the list of appetizers, entrees, and sides to choose from.

Once you hit the front counter, you’ll understand the fast pace service I’m talking about. So, know your order, your name, and get your money out and ready!

Food at Peg Leg Porker

Now it’s time to get down to the southern rub! There’s an array of options that you can choose from for your entrees. As shown below I got the pulled pork platter. With the pulled pork, you can still taste the rub soaked into the tender meat and there is a side of BBQ sauce.  If you’re not up for the pulled pork platter, you can’t go wrong with the rib rack or the sandwich!

As Peg Leg Porker does have out of this world entrees, you can’t forget that the sides can be the star of the show too! The mac and cheese was to die for because it was covered in a pool of light, warm, seasoned cheese. If you know me, you know that coleslaw is one dish that I am super picky on, and when I say that this coleslaw was original and tasted like mama made it, then you know I’m not joking. The slaw was perfectly weighted in its ratio of mayo, cabbage, veggies, and flavorful spoonfuls. You can’t go wrong matching these with whatever entree you choose!

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